<br/><br/>Version 1.0.2


<li>* Added events page category view .</li>
<li>* Contact page bug fix .</li>
<li>* <b>Examples:</b></li>
<li>*<a href=”http://sportimo.orange-themes.com/events-cat/motocross/”> http://sportimo.orange-themes.com/events-cat/motocross/</a>.</li>
<li>*<a href=”http://sportimo.orange-themes.com/events-cat/bicycles/”> http://sportimo.orange-themes.com/events-cat/bicycles/</a>.</li>
<li><b>Edited Files:</b></li>
<li>* category.php</li>
<li>* search.php</li>
<li>* template-contact.php</li>
<li>* functions/other.php</li>
<li>*includes/ news.php</li>
<li>* <b>Created -</b>includes/loop-events.php</li>
<li>* <b>Created -</b>includes/loop-post.php</li>
</ul> —————————————————<br/>

Version 1.0.1


<li>* Fixed footer style bug on IE.</li>
<li>* Fixed Comment page layout bug, in view, when only register users could comment.</li>
<li>* Added Option To change Background images via control panel.</li>
<li><b>Edited Files:</b></li>
<li>* css/ie-transparecy.css</li>
<li>* css/main-stylesheet.css</li>
<li>* css/responsive/phonehorizontal.css</li>
<li>* css/responsive/phonevertical.css</li>
<li>* comments.php</li>
<li>* js/scripts.js</li>
<li>* header.php</li>
<li>* footer.php</li>
<li>* includes/top.php</li>
<li>* includes/admin/style.php</li>

</ul> —————————————————<br/>

Version 1.0.0 <ul> <li>*Initial release.</li> </ul>

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